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When a defendant’s conduct fall short of the level of care required by their duty to the plaintiff, the defendant is in breach of their duty. This is typically obvious in car accident situations. If a defendant was speeding when they hit another vehicle, the defendant will have breached their duty. This is also the […]

When one hears the word duty, they usually think of the obligations they have at their place of work, not negligence. Like we went over in the blog about negligence, there are many words that have a more specific meaning in its legal context. Duty is no exception to this. In terms of negligence, duty […]

Negligence is a word used outside of its legal context frequently. Some people might say their friend negligently arrived late for work and got in trouble. Others might say that a quarterback was negligent in throwing a pass to a receiver who was in double coverage and getting intercepted. While these common uses of negligence […]

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage (“Uninsured Motorist Coverage”) is a somewhat self-explanatory aspect of a car insurance policy. It assists an individual in paying for their medical bills when they are hit by a driver who does not have car insurance. The purpose of this coverage is to allow the insured party to have an identical financial […]

The Florida Motor Vehicle No-Fault law requires a variety of different insurance benefits to people who are injured in auto accidents, regardless of who is at fault. All motor vehicle owners in Florida are required to carry car insurance securing the no-fault law benefits. This is what is known as personal injury protection, which is […]

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