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Paternity Lawyer in Brooksville, FL

A paternity action is a legal proceeding where a man is officially deemed to be the father of a minor child. These suits are filed for many reasons. It could be filed to provide the child with a sense of identity. Or it is filed due to the increasing need for two people to support a child.

With the advent of reliable DNA testing methods, it has become increasingly possible to determine to establish paternity. The SWAB Test and DNA Genetic Identity have made it to where many paternity actions get settled before a trial occurs.

In Florida, the law is written to where the father of the child is assumed to be the mother’s husband. But if the mother is unmarried at the time of the birth, paternity has to be established voluntarily or through a court order.

The voluntary route is that both the mother and alleged father agree on who the child’s father is and sign a legal document that states this. By signing this document, the man swears that he is the father of the child.

If one has to go through the courts, the ordeal becomes much more complicated. Having an attorney to assist you when going through the courts can be great help. An experienced family law attorney helps even more. If you or someone you know needs legal assistance with paternity actions, contact the Law Office of John R. Vitola today. We have the experience you deserve.

The details for determining parentage in Florida can all be found in chapter 742 of the Florida Statutes. In this statute, it details all of the legal particulars regarding these types of actions. An experienced attorney will understand these particulars and help you determine what route must be taken.

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