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It is quite a common occurrence that a court order goes ignored by a party that does not want to follow it. This is where the court’s ability to use their powers to enforce the original court order. A contempt of court is when another party stops or refuses to pay court ordered payments. Enforcement involves agreements between two parties that are not being met.

The motion found here, called the Motion for Civil Contempt/Enforcement, will be utilized to ask the court to enforce a prior order. If accepted, the court will utilize their powers to force the hand of the party who is refusing the pay. It is possible that the refusing party could even face incarceration if they continue to ignore the court orders.

Dealing with contempt of court/enforcement matters can be difficult, as there are many forms to send. It is even more difficult due to the complicated language and intimidating nature of the legal world.

Having an experienced attorney to deal with your contempt of court matter can ease the stress caused by your situation. The court even has the ability to award you compensation for your attorney’s fees and the costs for your time. If you need or someone you know needs help with a contempt of court matter, contact the Law Office of John R. Vitola today. We have the family law experience you deserve.

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