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Child Support Attorney in Brooksville, FL

Divorces come with many challenges but none are as emotionally charged as child support. Custody plays a huge part in determining how much child support is being payed. The courts will focus on the child’s future and well-being to determine the amount that they believe should be paid. Some of the factors that will be considered by the court are:

-Educational expenses

-Financial needs such as medical insurance

-Monthly food and clothing

-Both parent’s individual incomes

After the court reviews the factors between the separating parties, the payer and the amount being paid is determined. This may seem like a smooth and easy process at first, but like most matters involving family law, it depends on the two parties involved.

Having an experienced family law attorney can assist with the difficulties involving child support. They will understand your situation and make sure that no filing deadlines are missed. This will ensure that you are treated fairly throughout this ordeal. If you or someone you know is having trouble collecting child support, contact the Law Office of John R. Vitola. This will ensure you have experience on your side.

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